LIDEX actively assists Ukrainians with transportation from Ukraine, accommodation in the Czech Republic and implementation into the labour market.

Myths and facts related to renting IT personnel

Why are you afraid to experiment with alternative recruitment methods?

When I hire a developer myself, I choose exactly who I want.
Our agency will not take this opportunity away from you and in addition, will make the recruitment process easier for you.

We have extensive resources at our fingertips that the regular HR department can’t access. Based on your specific requirements, we will prepare an offer of qualified IT specialists from which you can choose a relevant candidate.

We will arrange an interview with the developers. You can also test them yourself and assess their level of skills.

I save money because I'm not spending commissions on an agency.
The opposite is the truth.

When you rent IT personnel, you save on the costs associated with recruitment, HR management and marketing, technology acquisition, and training. In addition, you only pay for actual man-days worked, so you don’t have to deal with sick days or vacations. Our commission is already included in the upfront payment for Man-Days. Furthermore, this rate is lower for foreign developers of Eastern origin than for domestic workers.

I'm afraid I won't be able to keep track of whether the developer is being paid an adequate salary on time. Thus, I am at risk of terminating the relationship for reasons beyond my control.
We are a reliable and established company with sufficient capital.

We are providing above-standard care to our staff and have sufficient financial resources to cover all expenses. We have completed countless successful projects and employ hundreds of workers across the Czech Republic. If we did not pay our workers on time, it would also harm our reputation. A good image of the company and a well-functioning business is in our interest.

Why are you afraid to recruit overseas IT professionals?

I'm concerned about hiring a developer who doesn't speak Czech. I'm worried that he won't understand me and won't be able to follow the assignment.
All our IT staff speak English and are monitored by a Czech-speaking supervisor.

There is currently a great shortage of Czech-speaking developers. Companies often have only two options: to hire an English-speaking developer or to have none at all. With us, you don’t have to worry if you encounter a language barrier during the project, you can contact a supervisor or coordinator who will solve the problem.

The legislation and administration involved in hiring foreign developers are too complex. I am terrified of inspections and fines.
We have years of experience in employing overseas developers.

All hired developers are our employees, therefore we are responsible for all administrative and legal matters related to the employment. We can arrange any visas, work permits, medical examinations, etc.

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