LIDEX actively assists Ukrainians with transportation from Ukraine, accommodation in the Czech Republic and implementation into the labour market.

How to get involved

We primarily recruit international IT professionals, both individuals and teams. However, if required, we can also assist you in recruiting expatriates from your existing workforce.

Find out which method works best for you:

We can provide developers and other IT professionals

  • A flexible method of employment that is tailored to the needs of the individual client
  • Rental of individual developers as well as entire teams
  • Remote co-working with the possibility of relocation
  • Work facilities at developers’ place of residence (mainly Eastern Europe and Asia)
  • Online communication with possibility of face-to-face meetings
  • Ongoing monitoring by a supervisor
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We can provide recruitment of key personnel

  • Hiring without the pressure on HR department
  • Access to fresh talent sources
  • Save time and hassle when searching for new IT professionals
  • A quick recruitment process and a swift replacement of staff
  • Complete control over the project
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