LIDEX actively assists Ukrainians with transportation from Ukraine, accommodation in the Czech Republic and implementation into the labour market.

Benefits of working with us

We are building up a broad pool of talent in the overseas communities

  • We do not search for developers in advertisements or on social media
  • We rent our long-term professionals to you
  • We have tested the developers and we are familiar with them
  • We personally supervise our developers
  • We have experts from Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia and other countries

You have adequate IT professionals at your disposal

  • We can quickly provide you with experts (especially developers) who are in demand
  • You only need to manage your projects and the workload
  • You can adjust the length of employment to suit your individual needs, without any long-term commitments
  • We support our developers with on-the-job training and regular training courses
Our IT experts

We do the recruitment → you have no HR administration headaches

  • Your IT experts are our employees – we take full financial and personnel responsibility
  • You don’t have to worry about holidays, sick days, staff replacements, etc
  • Free up your time and energy to focus on the project itself
  • We offer a comprehensive service to our employees
  • We are covered by liability and damage insurance

You have a direct control over your project

  • Employees (and teams) work under our supervisor’s constant monitoring
  • By examining the test, you can check the professional level of the developer in advance
  • We’ll put together a team of experts according to your specific needs (and we’ll continue to work with you to customise this as we go)
  • We understand that your needs may change, and we will adapt to meet your needs as quickly as we can
  • We are also able to provide services retrospectively for completed projects (updating, modifying, etc.)

Which method keeps you the least busy?

Self-recruitment Core staff agency recruitment Rental of IT professionals
The developer is your employee Yes Yes No
Recruitment handled by LIDEX No Yes Yes
LIDEX solves the problem of recurrent recruitment No Yes Yes
LIDEX handles staff replacement No Yes Yes
LIDEX solves personnel challenges Ne Ne Yes

Deal directly with Czech partner

  • Our coordinators are always available for you
  • We offer a complete service
  • Working seamlessly with your IT teams
About us

You don’t need to worry about being compromised

  • We are protected by a contract and by software solutions
  • We keep your projects and personal data safe and secure

You will be able to save

  • Optimisation of financial and human resources
  • Systematic, project-based recruitment
  • Price of service depends on the developer’s qualification
  • We charge by man-day
Self-recruitment Core staff agency recruitment Rental of IT professionals
Holidays, sick days and annual leave NO NO YES
Additional training fees NO NO YES
Bonuses NO NO YES
13th salary NO NO YES
Severance allowance (two salaries) NO NO YES
HR, payroll and compliance costs NO NO YES
Loss compensation NO NO

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