LIDEX actively assists Ukrainians with transportation from Ukraine, accommodation in the Czech Republic and implementation into the labour market.


Why is IT staff rental worth it? 

A sample profile of a developer:

Java Developer (middle level)

Two years of experience in similar projects
Sick leave: 3 weeks/year
Annual leave: 4 weeks/year

Rental cost of IT staff

  • Pricing for the services we provide is always agreed upfront
  • You only pay for the actual number of man-days performed
  • The rate per man-day is based on the level of expertise and specialisation of the selected professionals
  • The price is final and you do not have to pay any additional costs (absence, sick leave, quarantine, etc.)
  • In the case of hiring the whole team, LIDEX will act as the team leader

Rate per man-day including

  • the employee’s salary
  • legal contributions
  • incentive allowances
  • cost of recruitment
  • visa
  • cost of the coordinator
  • agency services
  • agency commission
  • payroll accounting
  • staff replacements and compensation

As part of our co-operation, we can arrange

  • professional supervision
  • check on the work ethic
  • quality control
  • assist in communicating with employees