LIDEX actively assists Ukrainians with transportation from Ukraine, accommodation in the Czech Republic and implementation into the labour market.

Update on the situation in Ukraine

We are very sorry about the current situation in Ukraine. We wish all our Ukrainian partners, friends, employees, and families lots of strength and optimism. The best we can do as LIDEX is to provide opportunities for people to lead a “normal life” – to find housing, integrate into economic activity, and provide education for their children.

Current legislation affecting citizens of Ukraine

All Ukrainians can now apply for a particular long-term visa valid for 1 year. This visa is issued free of charge to all citizens of Ukraine, without any other requirements.

On 21st March 2022, the government approved free access to the labor market for Ukrainians – candidates do not need to apply for a work permit but can be employed in a similar manner as Czechs.
Our company provides comprehensive support for all the legislation needed in the employment of foreign nationals. We follow the news and updates.

Do you want to hire workers from Ukraine?

We have many years of experience in employing foreigners. We will provide you with a professional service.

It doesn’t end with recruitment and visas. What can we arrange and how does the whole process work? Selection of qualified employees according to your requirements.

Before start of employment

  • Transport and accommodation for employees and their families, including children.
  • Registration with the Foreign Police.
  • Accompany you to the local office for a special long-term visa.
  • Assistance, translation, and coordination during onboarding and training.
  • First financial aid.
  • Providing babysitting for children, registration in schools, assistance with finding a doctor, and necessary offices.

At the start of employment

  • Regular deposits.
  • Assistance with orientation in the environment and adaptation.
  • Arranging transport to and from the workplace.
  • Translation of work processes, and texts, help with communication at work.
  • Providing initial medical examination and protective equipment.
  • Registration at the local authority offices, payroll accounting.
  • Solving operational issues that arise on an ongoing cycle.
  • Assistance and support in dealing with the difficult family situation during wartime.

Disruption, turnover, dissatisfaction

  • We monitor employee work ethic and create a motivational system.
  • In case of personnel shortages, we will provide a replacement.
  • We will replace the workers you are not satisfied with.

We would like to thank all the clients who have supported us and helped us to include mothers with children in our work processes, provided accommodation for employees’ families, or provided various benefits. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Expertise of incoming refugees

Many Ukrainians have a higher education or apprenticeship in a craft. We are trying to offer such people work corresponding to their level.

All applicants are screened for their educational background and experience. We are developing a program to engage professionals.

The great benefit is that Ukrainians currently no longer have a 3-month visa, but can obtain a visa valid for at least 1 year straight away.

The government is currently working on how to simplify the administrative process for the recognition of qualifications.

We are providing first aid to refugees

First and foremost, we help with the integration of family members of our employees and their acquaintances.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who take care of our employees and support them with all the required services.

  • Our coordinators are native Ukrainians who have been living in the Czech Republic for several years. They are well-trained to provide people with personal care and help them with practical aspects and smooth integration into work. At the same time, they are available to the client and supervise the correct implementation of the work and compliance with all regulations and procedures.
  • Our administrative staff will prepare all the documents and explain the current legislation to the employees. They are constantly in contact with the authorities and check for news.
  • The company’s management provides full support, facilities and funding to ensure comprehensive assistance to refugees.

In addition, we help

  • We are involved in Ukrainian volunteering communities.
  • We cooperate with Czech charities.
  • We cooperate with the accommodation establishments.
  • We provide free accommodation for refugees.
  • We’ve donated food and supplies.
  • We have arranged free transportation from the border and across the Czech Republic.
  • We have accommodated dozens of people in various life situations at our own expense.
  • We offered assistance and support to all employees with the transportation of their family members to the Czech Republic and their follow-up care.

Outsource the recruitment of foreign workers to professionals.

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